Objectives of Global Cargo Mart

  • To promote the industry by putting people face to face from the far corners of the Globe
  • To identify, evaluate, and address areas of concern for the global cargo industry
  • To provide remedial measures that help overcome hurdles and facilitate ease of business
  • To discuss the future
  • Provide the customer the reach needed to cover every corner of the Globe
  • We facilitate interactions between industry patrons to perceive and evaluate allied concerns
  • We offer to clients an opportunity to realise the significance of cargo and how its true potential must be engaged
  • GCM helps establish common ground for varied countries and regions that seek shared developmental objectives and are mutually dependent

About the Event

  • Focused B2B along with strong partnerships that build conferences and events
  • An event that brings top business leaders under one roof
  • An opportunity for buyers, sellers, and industry experts to come together
  • Strict regulations on visitors, admitting only those with genuine business interests
  • Global Cargo Mart brings quality, direction and business to the forum
  • Providing leadership and imparting knowledge on the trends and highlights of the business
  • Equipping buyers and sellers to adapt better to a dynamic marketplace
  • Event to be conducted through choice of players that participate
  • Event to be held in New Delhi, India, emerging global centre for cargo and logistic companies
  • India’s emergence as one of the most robust growth regions of the world, along with China, sets the stage for the future of the global cargo industry

Highlights of the Event

Corporates of host country to be welcomed

Cargo industry of the world to converge at the event

An opportunity to understand and embrace cultural differences

Bringing together the best of all worlds onto one stage

USP of Global Cargo Mart

Assemblage of buyers and suppliers

Exhibition of different markets for different people

Global media interactions and conferences with 200 journalists from all over the world

Inception of new ideas and trends

Conclave for all decision makers

Conference + Mart

Route Planning

Speakers to discuss the future of the cargo industry

Our Partners